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ted to WWE Superstar (former NXT & WWE Women's Champion)..." /><"http://hellyeahsashabanks.tumblr.com/page/5" />
Hell Yeah! Sasha Banks
Welcome to HellYeahSashaBanks, a blog devoted to WWE Superstar (former NXT & WWE Women's Champion) Sasha Banks!
Here you will find edits, gifs, photos, reblogs, and thoughts of everything Sasha related. We aim to be your ultimate source for all things Sasha Banks. All of our fellow Sasha Krew & Boss Nation are welcomed to follow!
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WWE Monday Night Raw (August 14th, 2017)
"Don’t count Bayley out just yet.

The Boss, in her hometown of Boston, winning her way to SummerSlam to challenge for her fourth Raw Women’s Championship. If that’s not fate, we don’t know what is, though Nia Jax certainly made it difficult for Sasha Banks to punch her ticket from Beantown to Brooklyn, where Alexa Bliss lies in wait.

With the smug Bliss watching from an elevated lifeguard’s chair at ringside, Jax powered her way to an early advantage, ruthlessly swinging Banks into the barricade and tossing her about the ring. Yet, The Boss slowly weathered the storm with strategically-timed submission and roll-up attempts, escaping the ring when it seemed like she was in danger of being pinned.

Banks finally pulled ahead by kicking Jax’s hamstring out while she was perched on the second rope, locking in the Bank Statement moments later to the point of a near submission victory. When Jax hauled herself to her feet with The Boss on her shoulder, Banks floated over into a thunderous tornado DDT and a second excruciating Bank Statement that forced Nia to tap out. Hello, Brooklyn."
upcoming events (April schedule)
April 2nd: Wrestlemania 33 (Orlando, FL)
April 3rd: Raw (Orlando, FL)
April 10th: Raw (Uniondale, NY)
April 14th: Meet & Greet (Bellingham, MA)
April 15th: Live Event (Champaign, IL)
April 16th: Live Event (Cincinnati, OH)
April 17th: Raw (Columbus, OH)
April 21st: Live Event (Rapid City, SD)
April 22nd: Live Event (Bismarck, ND)
April 23rd: Live Event (Fargo, ND)
April 24th: Raw (Kansas City, MO)
April 30th: Payback (San Jose, CA)
Company: NXT
Who?: Sasha Banks
Debut: 2012-2015
Championships: 1 (Former NXT Women's Champion)

Company: WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
Debut: 2015-present
Brand: Monday Night RAW
Championships: 3 (Former WWE Women's Champion)
Status: Active

Group: Team B.A.D. (Beaututiful And Dangerous)
Members: Sasha Banks, Naomi Knight & Tamina Snuka
Debut: July 2015-February 2016

Series: UpUpDownDown
Role: Herself/"The Boss"
Debut: 2015-current
Status: Recurring

Game: WWE 2K17
Genre: Sports
Release Date: Oct 11th, 2016
Status: Out now

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